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BRI Beauty Products

BRI Beauty is a unique mineral foundation line that uses natural pigments blended with freeze dried vitamin A, C and D, and essential extracts.  Our foundations contain no talc, dyes or alcohol. 

BRI Beauty is a perfect solution for those who suffer with sensitivities or allergies due to the natural ingredients.  

BRI Beauty is a 4 in 1 solution for your skin.  Light reflective minerals minimize the appearance of lines and pores with out causing shininess.  The titanium dioxide and zinc oxide helps to protect your skin from the sun while the anti-inflammatory and anti-redness properties help those with sensitive or break-out prone skin.  Our unique formula offers you a concealer, foundation, powder and sun protectant all in one! 

BRI Beauty Loose Foundation - $25  (2oz. shaker jar - choose any color)

Pink Under Tone Skin:                     Yellow Under Tone Skin:
"Barely There" (lightest) "Barely There" (lightest)
"Cool Beige" (medium) "Cashmere" (medium)
"Seashell" (medium dark) "Canvas" (medium dark)

All Skin Tones:
Porcelain (a transluscent powder that offers a soft finish without adding color)
Glow (a highlight powder with a little shimmer used to accent cheeks, brows, etc.)

BRI Beauty Kubuki Brush - $25
The brush you use with your mineral foundation is very important as it will determine the evenness of coverage.  Our BRI Beauty Kubuki Brush is a luscious soft brush that is very dense and tightly bound ensured to give you flawless finish when you used with our BRI Beauty Loose Foundations.  

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